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About the Course

Program Description:

Industry Connect Internship Program refers to a program designed to connect individuals, often students or early career professionals, with experienced mentors from a specific industry or field. An "Industry Connect Internship Program for higher education students" typically combines a practical internship experience with an online course component.

The purpose of this program is to provide guidance, support, and valuable insights to the students, helping them develop their skills, make informed career decisions, and establish meaningful connections in their chosen industry.

The program is aimed at bridging the gap between academia and the professional world, providing students with real-world insights and networking opportunities.


Skill Development: Enhance students' skills and competencies through specialized online courses, helping them to be better prepared for future careers.

Networking: Facilitate networking opportunities with industry professionals and experts, allowing students to build valuable connections.

Career Exploration: Help students explore potential career paths within their industry and gain a clearer understanding of their professional goals.

Resume Building: Enable students to strengthen their resumes with relevant work experience, making them more competitive in the job market.

Professional Development: Provide guidance and mentorship to support students in their career development and decision-making.


 Industry Connect Internship Program includes:

  • Two Months Work from Home Internship with Certificate 
  • Professional Digital Profiling 
  • Skill-specific Industry Connect Project
  • One Skill Course with Certification 
  • Job Placement Support

Course Study Materials
Certification Program on Professional Digital Profiling

•Provide your professional profile on Social and Professional Networking Platforms •How many Views, Likes and Connections you have for your profile on uLektz? •Provide your professional profile on Social and Professional Networking Platforms • Join or create a community in your institution name on uLektz • Invite your friends and contacts to uLektz.com via uLektz, Email and WhatsApp • Post and Share some interesting and useful content (Youtube video, Articles, Questions, etc.) on uLektz.com and other social media platforms.

Certification Program on Industry Connect and Industry Awareness

• Enter 1 or 2 professions or skills that you’re interested in. • Find and provide names of 10 organizations / institutions hiring these skills. • List 3-5 Job Roles/Titles for which the industry is recruiting for the skill you've chosen. • List 3 to 5 skillsets that companies are looking for while recruiting for these Roles / Titles. • What is the average annual salary / Cost to the Company (CTC) paid to the Job Roles / Titles you listed? • Connect with Alumni and Industry Professionals related to your interested skill on uLektz.com and provide top 5 profiles of your connections. • Connect with Industry Professional related to your interested skill on LinkedIn.com and provide top 5 profiles of your connections. • List 3 to 5 Skill Courses that you can take up to develop these skills.

Certification Program on Job Readiness and Entrepreneurship

• Provide the Certificate Number of the Masterclass “Business Entrepreneurship” you attended. • Provide the Certificate Number of the Masterclass “Job Readiness” you attended. • Upload your Professionally created CV in PDF format. • Create a customer persona to promote and sell “uLektz” to Higher Education Institutions. • Lead Generation Channel such as Web Search (Google) and LinkedIn. • Draft a brief message to introduce uLektz to the Leads via Email, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. • Prospecting and Nurturing Leads. • Revenue Generated and Amount Earned.

Skill Course of Your Choice (Optional)

You can choose a skill course of your choice from the list of courses offered by uLektz and earn a digitally verifiable certificate upon successful completion of the same. This is optional.

This is not a certification course. this is a job-ready course and job-guaranteed course. no certification will be issued.

  • 120 hours Learning Content
  • 100% online Courses
  • English Language
  • Certifications


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Two Months Internship Program with Job Placement Support