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Learning Management System

Promote, sell and deliver your online courses to 1 million+ users

Whether you’re an individual teacher, trainer, expert professional or a training institution, you can sell your online courses on uLektz Skills.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to Use and Transparent

    Create your course provider account, publish and sell your courses and track the sales and customers

  • Higher course enrolment

    Higher Course Enrolments

    Reach 1 million+ users through hundreds of channels to promote and sell your courses

  • Nosetup fee

    No Setup Fee or Investments

    Pay us only when you sell your courses on Revenue Sharing basis. We don’t charge for free courses

Sell Online Courses

You can reach 1 million+ users to promote, sell and deliver your online courses

  • Setup Course Provider Account

    Signup to create your course provider account for Free. It’s very easy and requires no investment.

  • Create Online Courses

    Create your online courses with modules and topics, and upload the content in videos, PDF, or ePUB format.

  • Assess Learners Online

    Create question banks and generate randomly generated online assessments at modular level and / or course level.

  • Publish and Sell Courses

    Set the price for your courses and publish them for promotion, sales and delivery to 1 million+ users on uLektz

  • Certify Learners

    At the successful completion of the course, issue digitally verifiable certificates with uLektz seal to the learners.

  • Sales and Customers Report

    Track and monitor course enrolments, sales and customers from the easy-to-use course provider Admin Dashboard.

Empower your learners

  • Online profile

    Online Profile

    Let your learners to create their professional online profile

  • Networking


    Facilitate your learners to connect with industry professionals

  • Careers


    Support your learners with internship and job opportunities


Revenue Sharing: 70% - 30%

It is free to set up your course provider account. No investment from your end. We take 30% of the Net Revenue from the sales. Your 70% share will be settled to you on or before 10th of every month.

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