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We are going to teach  about the basics of Internet of Things using Texas Instruments modules. This course will guide you through procedures and different set-ups which will be required in getting you started with IoT. This course has been made in a simple manner so that anyone with basic knowledge of electronics and programming can follow it effectively. After having completed this, you will be confident enough to start with your basic IOT designs projects

Course Study Materials

Module 1: Introduction to Tiva Architecture and Energia Programming

    ➢ Introduction to ARM based Tiva C Architecture
    ➢ Installing Energia Software and Libraries
    ➢ GPIO Concept and Programming the GPIO Module to Blink a LED and Control the Turn ON and OFF
    the LED using Switch
    ➢ PWM Concept and Programming the PWM Module to vary the brightness of the LED
    ➢ Concept of UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) and Basic Programming to perform
    communication between PC and Microcontroller
    ➢ Introduction to ADC Concept and Interfacing a Potentiometer and Converting analog Voltage to Digital

Module 2: Introduction to Internet of Things

    ➢ Introduction to OSI Model
    ➢ Introduction to IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway IP
    ➢ Introduction to CC3100 BoosterPack
    ➢ Basic Energia Programming for acquiring an IP Addressing for the Embedded IoT Device
    ➢ Programming for Gateway IP and Subnet Mask
    ➢ Difference between Static and Dynamic IP

Module 3: Transmission Control Protocol and Client Server Programming

    ➢ Introduction to TCP Concepts
    ➢ Configuring 2 microcontrollers, one as a Server and the other as Client
    ➢ Establishment of two-way communication between 2 microcontrollers using server-client model

Module 4: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

    ➢ Introduction to HTTP Concept
    ➢ Basics of HTML Programming
    ➢ Controlling the microcontroller using Web Server (Webpage)
    ➢ I/O Manipulation on microcontroller using web server

Module 5: Blynk Cloud Service

    ➢ Introduction to Blynk Cloud and Its Libraries
    ➢ Connecting microcontroller with Blynk Cloud
    ➢ Controlling microcontroller using different widgets from Blynk App
    ➢ Interfacing temperature sensor to microcontroller and uploading the data to cloud and displaying the
    data on smartphone
    ➢ Sensor Interfacing to build a Home Automation Project


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