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About the Course

Course Description
Total quality management (TQM) is a philosophy, methodology and system of tools aimed to create and maintain mechanism of organization's continuous improvement. It involves all departments and employees into improvement of processes and products.

Course Objectives 
1. Explain the concepts of Total Quality Management and Total Quality Education.
2. Diagnose problems in the quality improvement process.
3. Apply various quality improvement techniques.
4. Describe and apply the development and nature of quality control charts.
5. Explain each total quality implementation phase then list the steps that are associated with each.


Course Study Materials
Module 1: Introduction
  • 1.1 Need for quality
  • Introduction - Assessment 10 Questions
Module 2: TQM Principles
  • 2.1 Leadership
  • TQM Principles - Assessment 10 Questions
Module 3: TQM Tools & Techniques
  • 3.1 The seven traditional tools of quality
  • TQM Tools & Techniques - Assessment 10 Questions
Module 4: TQM Tools & Techniques II
  • 4.1 Quality circles
  • TQM Tools & Techniques II 10 Questions
Module 5: Quality Systems
  • 5.1 Need for ISO 9000
  • Quality Systems - Assessment 10 Questions
Final Assessment
  • Final Assessment 20 Questions

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