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Next, consider how genetic engineering technology can be applied to move the genes from an unrelated organism and introduced to plants. See how this modification has the potential to increase the quality and quantity of food production worldwide and possibly solve some other major problems. You will learn about the principles of Mendelian genetics that feature the laws of segregation and independent assortment, before considering the significance of these laws and their consistency in the natural world. Some deviations from Mendelian genetics will also be highlighted.

Finally, you will learn about the rules of probability as they pertain to genetics. Study some of the challenges clinicians face relating to genetic disorders and the role artificial intelligence can play in solving some of these problems. This course will be beneficial to anyone in the field of bioengineering, genetic engineering, biotechnology, medicine and other related disciplines.

Course Link: https://alison.com/course/fundamentals-in-biotechnology-and-genetics


Course Study Materials
Module 1: Applications of Biotechnology
Module 2: Fundamentals of Genetics
Module 3: Course Assessment

This is not a certification course. this is a job-ready course and job-guaranteed course. no certification will be issued.

  • 60 hours Learning Content
  • 100% online Courses
  • English Language
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Fundamentals in Biotechnology and Genetics