Industrial Automation Course for Mechanical Engineers

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Maximum 24 months.

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Course Overview
Industrial automation refers to the use of computers and robots to control industrial processes without significant human intervention. When used appropriately, automation can increase the quality, safety, and accuracy of these processes.


Course Description
Industrial Automation is rapidly growing especially within the Power sector, Automobile, Oil and gas, Manufacturing, Mining etc. Automation of industrial process provides the technology to control and monitor the process in industrial plants.This Industrial Automation course is aimed to empower the learners with the foundation and intermediate level of knowledge that will help them to understand the key modules of Industrial Automation.


The purpose of this course is to provide the student with basic skills useful in identifying the concepts of automated machines and equipment and describe the terms and phrases associated with industrial automation. The student will perform preventative maintenance, identify or solve problems in machines, and other technologies.

Course Study Materials

Industrial Automation

  • 1.1 Industrial Automation - Types of Automation Systems

  • 1.2 Industrial control system - Automation And Process Control

  • 1.3 Purpose Of Industrial Automation

  • 1.4 Industrial Automation Circuits

  • 1.5 Computer Based Industrial Control And Automation

  • Industrial Automation - Assessment

    10 Questions

Measurement Systems

  • 2.1 Measurement Systems - Specifications of Measurement Systems

  • 2.2 Measurement of Temperature

  • 2.3 Pressure and Force Measurement - Flow Measurement

  • 2.4 Errors and Calibration

  • Measurement System - Assessment

    6 Questions

Hardware Components For Automation And Process Control

  • 3.1 Hardware Components For Automation And Process Control

  • 3.2 Actuators, Sensors And Timers, Drum Switches And Special Components

  • 3.3 P-I-D Control - Controller Tuning - Implementation of P-I-D Controller

  • 3.4 Special Control Structures Feed forward and Ratio Control, Predictive Control

  • Hardware Components For Automation And Process Control - Assessment

    5 Questions

Transfer Devices And Feeders

  • 4.1 Transfer Devices And Feeders

  • Transfer Devices And Feeders - Assessment

    5 Questions

Programmable Logic Control Systems

  • 5.1 Programmable Logic Control Systems

  • 5.2 Introduction to SequenceLogic Control and Programmable Logic Controllers

  • 5.3 The PLC Hardware Environment - The Software Environment and Programming of PLCs

  • 5.4 Formal Modelling of Sequence Control Specifications and Structured RLL Programming

  • 5.5 Programming of PLCs

  • 5.6 Sequential Function Charts

  • Programmable Logic Control Systems - Assessment

    5 Questions

Final Assessment

  • Final Assessment

    15 Questions


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  • Students are required to take online assessments with eProctoring.
  • Students will be assessed both at the end of each module and at the end of the Course.
  • Students scoring a minimum of 50% in the assessments are considered for Certifications
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