PLC Programming Language

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Course Overview
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have been an important part of industrial automation. PLC is a specialized computer that is used for the overall control and operation of processes.  It uses a programmable memory to store instructions and execute specific functions. PLCs can be used in common applications such as a washing machine or for controlling traffic signals and elevators. This course will provide the fundamentals of a programmable logic controller (PLC). 


Course Description
Topics include Parts of PLC - Basic operation - PLC Architecture, Input/Output devices, Number Systems and Logic Concepts, PLC Ladder Logic Programming, Instruction Set and Sequencer Programming Methods, Shift registers, Internal relays, RSLogix, HMI.

Course Study Materials

Module 1 : Programmable logic controllers

  • 1.1 Programmable logic controllers - Parts of PLC - Basic operation - PLC Architecture

  • 1.2 Programming languages

  • 1.3 PLC Applications and Manufactures -Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Programmable logic controllers - Assessment

    5 Questions

Module 2 : Input/Output devices

  • 2.1 Input/Output devices - The I/O section -I/O Specifications - Output devices

  • 2.2 Memory design -Memory types -Recording and Retrieving Data

  • Input/Output devices - Assessment

    5 Questions

Module 3 : Number Systems and Logic Concepts

  • 3.1 Number Systems and Logic Concepts - Decimal system - Binary Arithmetic -Binary Codes - Numbers in the Octal systems and Hexadecimal systems

  • 3.2 Logic Gates - Combinational and Sequential Logic Systems

  • Number Systems and Logic Concepts - Assessment

    5 Questions

Module 4 : PLC Ladder Logic Programming

  • 4.1 PLC Ladder Logic Programming -Basic components and their symbols

  • 4.2 Fundamentals of Ladder Diagrams -Ladder Logic Functions

  • 4.3 Latching and internal relays - Multiple Outputs -Entering programs

  • 4.4 Boolean Logic and Relay Logic

  • 4.5 Ladder Logic Trigonometric Functions

  • PLC Ladder Logic Programming - Assessment

    5 Questions

Module 5 : Instruction Set and Sequencer Programming Methods

  • 5.1 Instruction Set and Sequencer Programming Methods -Bit and Timer Instructions

  • 5.2 Counters

  • 5.3 Data Handling Instructions

  • 5.4 Sequencer Instructions - Sequential Function Charts -Sequencer Programs

  • Instruction Set and Sequencer Programming Methods - Assessment

    5 Questions

Module 6 : Internal Relays

  • 6.1 Internal Relays -Battery backed relays -One-shot operation

  • 6.2 Master control relay - Set/Reset coils

  • Internal Relays - Assessment

    4 Questions

Module 7 : Shift registers

  • 7.1 Shift registers

  • 7.2 Ladder programs - Ladder Logic Filtering

  • Shift registers - Assessment

    5 Questions

Module 8 : PLC Applications

  • 8.1 PLC Applications - Smart Grid

  • 8.2 Smart Light Control -M2M Data Gathering & Control

  • 8.3 Basic Motors using Ladder Logic

  • PLC Applications - Assessment

    5 Questions

Module 9 : RSLogix

  • 9.1 RSLogix 5000 - Controller Organizer

  • 9.2 Programs and Routines -Languages

  • RSLogix - Assessment

    10 Questions

Module 10 : Human Machine Interface

  • 10.1 Human Machine Interface(HMI) - HMI - Advantages -HMI - Advantages -Trends

  • 10.2 Bottle Filling Application - HMI - Alarms

  • Human Machine Interface - Assessment

    10 Questions

Module 11 : Instruments - Switches

  • 11.1 Instruments - Switches

  • Instruments - Switches - Assessment

    5 Questions

Final Assessment

  • Final Assessment

    15 Questions


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  • Students are required to take online assessments with eProctoring.
  • Students will be assessed both at the end of each module and at the end of the Course.
  • Students scoring a minimum of 50% in the assessments are considered for Certifications
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